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October 12th, 2019: Kona Hawaii

There are moments that mark your life. Moments when you realize that nothing will ever be the same again. Time gets divided into two parts. Before this day and After this day. To recognize such a moment shortly after it has passed is a gift. However to know beforehand that a moment like this is about to happen is an incredible blessing. October 12th 2019 was one of these moments!

A Journey that started in the snow in Iowa, March of 2013 ended up with a run down Ali‘i Drive in Kona Hawaii in October of 2019. This is where the finish line is for the Ironman World Championship. I completed the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. My finishing time was 12:53:57.

The Finish Line of an Incredible Journey
Biking the Lava Fields of Kona
Heading Out on the bike
Relieved to be on dry land and out of the Water!
Coming up the Red Carpet to the Finish Line
Finish Line
Finisher Pic
Anything is Possible!