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Copper Creek Triathlon Race Report: Woke up and headed to the race. The moon was full and not a cloud in the sky. The sun came up so I applied plenty of sunscreen then setup my transition  station and waited to go for a swim. I walked over to the swim course and talked to a helper about how the course looked smaller than it did yesterday during our practice sswim. He informed me they were making it smaller to try and get the swim in before the weather sets in. They moved it from 750 meters to 500 meters.  I told him that I had done the swim so many times in my sleep last night that I thought I was just ready for it and that was why I thought it looked smaller. They got everyone to the start line and then the skies parted and we were in a holding pattern to see if the rain let up.

Due to the rain and storms going through they changed the Copper Creek Triathlon to the Copper Creek 5K rain run. At 9:30 they decided that there was not enough time to get the whole race in so they decided to do a 5k run in the rain instead. Everything was soaking wet from sitting in your transition station in the downpour. So I put on my wet socks and water logged running shoes and lined up for the cannon to start the race. There was no time to warm up and stretch and I was tight from standing in the cold rain with only swim shorts on for 1.5 hours shivering. So I wanted to go out slow and warm up first then start running. I ran the 3.1 miles in 23:03. Over 6 minutes faster than my Pella 5k I did at Tulip Time. I was very pleased with how I felt and it showed that the training has really paid off.  That’s almost 2 minutes per mile faster pace.  So while I am disappointed that I did not become a triathlete today. I walked away with a great result in a 5k race.

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