PostHeaderIcon Hy-Vee Traithlon 2013: More Swimming

Today I went out with my swim group at Grays Lake which is the site of the 2013 Hy-Vee Olympic distance Traithlon. I wanted to test my theory of the start slow and taper slower without doing any kind of warm-up. I had a great swim and swimming with others allowed me to swim a bit faster once I got into my calm breathing. I started out so slow everyone left me in their wake. I was behind the pack for most of the swim however I did do 2130 yards in just under 43 minutes. That is an average pace of 33 minutes for 1500 meters. So the moral of the story is that the slow start actually took time off my mile swim and not just seconds but it cut more than 10 minutes off my mile from yesterday.  Starting out very slow and getting into your rhythm is the key to the rest of your swim. Most in the group only did 2000 yards however due to my lack of swimming in a straight line I got a little more distance.


Today was the closest I have come to simulating an actual triathlon start with no warm-up. I felt good even though I had some worries about going without the usual time to get used to the water.  I was surprised that my time was that fast as it felt like I was just taking it easy. Just over two weeks to go until my first Olympic distance triathlon and I am feeling really good about my swim.

See You at the Finish Line!


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