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D2D 20K Challenge Day 66: Well here we are 6 days from race day. I have started my Training schedule with Zoom Performance and todays a rest and recovery day. After so many days of running every day I am having withdrawals from the exercise I think.  I am told that letting your legs rebound from all the training days that have passed will be good for me on race day. So I guess I will work in the shop today and try to get caught up and make some sawdust. Tomorrow my schedule has me going on a date with Stella! I am looking forward to this first of many dates and I am excited to get out on the road and see what she can do. Although this is supposed to be a ride with no hills and little fatigue and high cadence, I will still be able to enjoy the ride. You know a kind of a getting to know each other and saying hello day together.  


See you at the Finish Line!


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