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PostHeaderIcon How this journey started. Dam to Dam 2013

I was approaching 46 years old and was 6’ 2” and weighing in over 220 pounds. Being self-employed I developed a bad habit of consuming a case of either Mt. Dew or Cherry Coke a day. This along with my diet of fast food, buffets, and lack of exercise had caught up to me. Living alone meant that I would work long hours in the shop and catch a quick bite wherever I could. When I had my kids on the weekends we would go out to dinner or order pizza in. I needed to change my lifestyle and I needed to do it soon.


On March 21st 2013 a friend on Facebook had posted that they had signed up for the Dam to Dam 20K race here in Iowa. If I signed up today I would have 10 weeks to get ready for the race. So in an effort to guilt myself into doing the training and to run I went ahead and signed up before I could change my mind. I talked my oldest son into doing it too. A friend Cindy joined in and now I had the pressure I needed to force me to follow through with this 20K race. I posted my new goal on my facebook page for all to see.  Then I sat down and watched as many friends sent encouragement my direction. I woke up the next morning with a new outlook on the new adventure I was about to embark on. I purchased a pair of running shoes and I went to the local track to run my first mile. This day was to become “Day 1 of the 20K Challenge”.