PostHeaderIcon Copper Creek Triathlon 2013: First Swim Lesson

Copper Creek Triathlon 2013: Just completed day one of swim lessons. I had my swimming assessment today and my coach Nick asked me to swim two laps of the pool to see what my swimming was like. I almost died. I was gasping for air and totally used up. Coach Matt joined us and then they started giving me different swim apparatuses to help me change my form and we talked about what each drill is supposed to help with. A very productive day and at the end of the session Nick took me into the yoga room and taught me how to work on my IT band issue to help it heal quickly. During our end of session talk Nick told me that he wished he would have videotaped me because when I started today it looked like I was trying to prevent myself from drowning more than swimming. However by the end of the class I had improved tremendously. It was amazing that after doing all the drills and laps during the class, at the end I could swim the two laps without even breathing heavy. I was using far less strokes and actually swimming faster. I think my decision to join Zoom Performance was the smartest thing I have done on this new journey.

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