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PostHeaderIcon Dam to Dam 2013: Race Day Results!

Dam to Dam 20K Challenge Day 71 is in the books! Before getting into the details of the race I want to take just a minute to recognize a few of the people who help me get to the finish line of today’s D2D.


I would like to say thank you to Andrea Crabb Vlahakis, Without you posting that you signed up for the D2D I would have never even attempted this challenge. You did more to push me than you wil…l ever know. I was desperately trying to not get “Chicked” by you at the 20K and this motivated me to push harder even when my body said no. Although I never caught you during the run and end up getting “Chicked” at the finish line chasing your shadow proved to push me to beat my goal time of 2 hours by almost 8 minutes.


I would like the thank Jennifer Wolff for all her support and kicking my butt at your 5am in class. The help you provided me on topics outside of the class routines really helped me to train smarter.


I want to thank my son David, Who took on the challenge with me when I asked, and even though he got beat by the old man I was proud to run beside him for the beginning portions of the race. I hope he stays with his training and we can have a rematch later this year.


Then there is my virtual training partner Cindy, she would text me her times after each training run and then I would go out and try my best to beat the times she was posting. Just knowing that someone else was hurting as much as I on those long 12 mile training runs made it more bearable.


Last but not least I would like to thank everyone who posted words of encouragement on my FB page. . It’s amazing what a person can accomplish with a few pats on the back and atta boys to keep them on track.


Official results and times won’t be posted till later tonight however I wanted to let everyone know what my preliminary results were according to my running computer. I finished in 1hour and 52 minutes and 6 seconds. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. The picture below is of my running watch screen after the finish line.



The official results are in and I finished in 1:52:08 for time. I finished 133rd out of 297 in my age group of 45 to 49 and finished 1489 out of 3282 Male finishers.


PostHeaderIcon Dam to Dam 20K Challenge Day 70: Packet Pickup


20k Challenge overall Results: Well after 10 weeks and over 200 miles of running I have arrived at Packet pickup day feeling great. I met all my goals so far and I went from 221 pounds to 186 pounds. I went from size 34 jeans to size 32 jeans. Tomorrow morning at 7am I will start the race and complete this portion of my journey. I appreciate all the support I have gotten from everyone over the past 10 weeks. Here is a before and after picture of the results from March 22 to May 31.