PostHeaderIcon Pleasantville Firecracker 5k 2013 Results:

2013 Pleasantville Firecracker 5K: 1st annual Rodda Father and Son 5K Challenge.

First I would like to say that it was a great morning to be out running with my boys and that was far more important than who actually won.

With that said here are the results.

I finished in 9th place overall with a time of 23:11 and 1st in my age group. Little Dave finished in 14th place overall with a time of 24:13 and third in his age group. Peter finished in 52nd place overall with a time of 28:32. There were 235 runners in all.

I guess the old man was able to teach the young guns that age is just a number.

See You at the Finish Line,


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