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Iowa games Triathlon 2013 Summary: I ran my first triathlon today. It was a sprint distance triathlon that had a 400 meter swim and a 15 mile bike and a 5K run.

SWIM REPORT: I started with my age group in Wave 4 of the swim. It was a beach start and we had to run into the water and swim a rectangle course of 400 meters. I started in the back as I was pretty sure I would be slow as my nerves were through the roof. I ran into the water, dove in and started my freestyle. Within 4 strokes I had swam up on the guy in front of me and got kicked in the goggles pretty hard. Of course this was all it took for panic to set in as my heart rate went crazy and I started hyperventilating. I looked for a rescue boat as I was ready to quit right then and there. However they do not have boats this close to the beach so I was forced to go to plan “B”. Plan “B” was survival mode so I rolled to my back and started the back crawl. I was in full on panic attack and hyperventilating but I was moving in the water. Wave 5 that started 2 minutes after we did was catching me so I tried to stay out of the ladies way as they went past.  I was still totally out of breath when I reached the beach and started walking up the hill to the bike transition area. A sense of accomplishment was felt as I walked up to my bike and finally started breathing normal. It was not pretty and by no stretch of the imagination graceful in the water however I was still alive so MISSION ACCOMPLSHED!

BIKE REPORT: It took me awhile to get my hand to work and start putting on my bike gear. As I predicted before the race my bike was sitting alone on the rack that I shared with 6 other racers. This allowed me to just sit on the ground and start putting my gear on for the bike ride. Once ready you had to run your bike to the bike mount line and then jump on and get going. I tried to spin my legs to get them working again for a short distance then I suddenly started catching people on the ride. Race was now on. A friend that started in the ladies wave behind me and had passed me on the swim was my first rabbit to catch. I knew she was out there ahead of me and I got into my tuck position and went looking for her. The bike course was three laps of the 5 mile course. I caught her on the first lap we passed each other a couple times then we hit a big hill and I never saw her again. I continued to pass riders for the entire bike ride. I did the 15 miles at a 20 mph average for the ride and even reached a max speed of 33.4 mph. When I got back to the bike dismount line I kicked my water bottle out of my bike and had to chase it across the road. I then had to run in my bike shoes back to the transition area to change into running cloths.

RUN REPORT: My hands were shaking as I tried to change into my run shoes. I finally just stopped and sat down again and tried to get my mind clear so I did not forget to do something. Once I got up I realized that my legs seemed to have a mind of their own and they were like noodles. I walked briskly to the run out area and then started running. I tried to keep my pace low for the first half mile to let my legs recover a bit. However after the race I found that I was far too cautious with my pace as I really wanted to make sure I finished after all this work. The race was two laps of the run course which made it nice that you could see others running at you on the opposite side of the road. This is where I got to see and cheer on others that I had met during my training. As I was about a half mile from the finish I passed a guy who told me to set the pace and he would follow. So we picked up the pace and passed quite a few people in that last stretch of the run. After we crossed the finish he thanked me for the lead out.

SUMMARY: I really need to work more on swimming with others around me in the open water. Once my game plan for the swim was sidetracked I was in full on survival mode. Not a good way to start a 1.5 hour workout. I also really need to work on my transition times. I imagine I can cut about 3 minutes off my time just in transition. I need to ride more hills on my bike in training. The really big hill we had to climb 3 times was a killer. I did make up the time on the flats though. I ran the 5k at a very even pace until the last half mile. I need to work on picking up the pace from half way on to cut time off my run. I had too much left in the tank at the end of the race.


Swim time: 8 min 20 secs

T1 Time: 2:16

Bike time: 45 min 23 secs

T2 Time: 2:09

Run time: 24 min 34 secs

Total time: 1 hour 22 min 43 secs

I finished 112th out of 319 and 8th out of 15 in my men’s age group. The times for the swim, bike, and run include the transition times.

See you at the Finish Line,


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