PostHeaderIcon Dam to Dam 20K Challenge Day 22, 29, and 36

20K Challenge Day 22: I took Peter to soccer practice in Winterset this morning and did a 10k around the streets of Winterset. The town is a bit hilly so it was a good hills workout also. 6.5 miles total and the legs are starting to feel better. I have lost 6 pounds so far but hoping to lose another 15 before the race. Just 7 more weeks till race day.



20k challenge Day 29: ran 7.5 miles today then went to Skyzone with the kids and jumped and flipped for another 2 hours of cardio and sweat. Lost 12 pounds total so far thanks to illness this week which I had me in bed for three days. Will be glad when I can run without long johns on and three sweatshirts. It’s going to warm up someday right?



20K Challenge Day 36: Seems like just yesterday I signed up for the race. The time is flying by as I train and the miles are going by as well. 5 weeks down and 5 to go! Today I ran 8.5 miles and my legs felt like they had more left in them. I went on a nature trail through the woods and walked another 2 miles enjoying the spring like weather that has finally arrived. Each Saturday that I do my lon…g run for the week I seem to be getting stronger and faster. My splits today for each 2 miles section were within seconds of each other. I hope to work on getting my times down a bit before the race but I am happy with my progress so far since I am running alone. I have leveled out on the weight loss as I had to start eating more protein as I was starting to feel fatigued from the mostly vegan diet I have been trying to convert to. So for now I am going to stay with eating some meats and eggs as I am not sure how to get the needed protein without it.

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